What to expect from your
Osteopathy appointment

What will happen on your First Visit to Yeovil Osteopathy?

You will find at Yeovil Osteopathy that Osteopaths do not treat conditions, they treat people therefore we consider all aspects of a person’s welfare including past medical history, physical and emotional stress, lifestyle, work pressures plus past and present trauma. For this it is necessary to take a detailed Case History. If you are on medication you may find it easier to bring a copy of your prescription record with you.

The next stage is to examine and assess. This may involve removing outer clothing in order to study posture and movement. Please feel free to wear shorts, leggings or swimwear if you would feel more comfortable.

Your osteopath will palpate (feel) the tension in different musculoskeletal structures, may ask you to perform simple movements and may perform other clinical tests such as reflexes etc.

After a full examination your Osteopath will explain their diagnosis of the situation and, where indicated, start treatment. Techniques used by each Osteopath are selected to be, in their opinion, the most appropriate to effect change but, if you are in any way concerned, please feel free to stop the treatment at anytime. The consultation is patient lead.

Each appointment time is up to 45 minutes long and, if the consultation has been unusually complex, the treatment during the initial appointment may be limited; there will always be advice for the immediate management of the symptoms.

On subsequent appointments 

Subsequent appointments are also up to 45 minutes long and will give more depth of treatment. They may also include osteopathic management in the form of postural advice, strapping, information about supplements, nutrition and lifestyle choices and in the provision of exercises.

For some patients a short course of treatment resolves their issues. Others may choose to return intermittently for maintenance support. The choice is yours.

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